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3. Schedules

3.1 Content of your schedule

Your schedule contains all courses which you have pre-selected or registered for; this includes:

  • dates and lecturers
  • the status of your registration

A red frame around two or more courses indicates date and time overlaps.

You can choose individual weeks or periods for which the schedule displays dates and times.

Please note: A pre-selection of courses does not constitute a binding registration. It should rather be seen as a planning tool which should be used before the start of a semester. Please make sure to register for courses and exams within the allotted periods (if in doubt, contact your coordinator of studies).


3.2 Display options

You can choose individual weeks and periods for which you want to have dates and times of courses displayed. Simply choose the desired option from the drop-down menu in the top left corner.


To save your setting, simply click Save schedule.

3.3 Display of details

In the top right corner, you can choose between two general display options, namely List and Plan. While the former option provides a simple list, the latter arranges the courses into a weekly schedule.

To have more details (e.g. type of course, room, etc.) displayed for each course, you can choose between short, medium and long detail settings.

3.4 Deleting courses from your schedule

To delete a pre-selected course from your schedule, simply click the grey X in the status box of the respective course.

3.5 Printing your schedule

You can also generate a printable PDF document of your schedule by clicking on the button Print (PDF) in the top right corner.