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About LSF

In 2008, the University of Munich introduce the online portal Lehre, Studium, Forschung (LSF) ('Teaching, Studying, Researching'); it replaced the course management system Webinfo. Many new BA and MA programs have been integrated into LSF during the so-called "Bologna reforms", which introduced the Bachelor/Master system in German universities.

LSF serves as a means of collecting and presenting data of courses and bundling them into a course catalogue. The system support students as well as faculty staff in planning and administering courses.

Students can use the following functions:

  • information about courses available at LMU Munich
  • comfortable scheduling
  • online registration for courses, including priorisation of preferred classes
  • download of course material
  • online registration for exams
  • accessing your current transcript of records
  • information about courses of studies, classes and lecturers as well as the organisational structure of LMU Munich
Please note that these functions are not necessarily available for all courses of studies. Please conact the acadmic counsellor and or coordinator of studies of your respective program.

Every faculty uses LSF as an online course catalogue where you can find information about every course (place, time, lecturer, etc.).

In the following faculties, LSF is also used as a means for students to register for courses and exams (particularly in modularised BA, MA and teacher training programs):

  • Faculty 01: Faculty of Catholic Theology
  • Faculty 02: Faculty of Protestant Theology
  • Faculty 09: Faculty of History and the Arts
  • Faculty 10: Faculty of Philosophy, Philosophy of Science and Religious Studies
  • Faculty 11: Faculty of Psychology and Educations Sciences
  • Faculty 12: Faculty of Cultural Sciences
  • Faculty 13: Faculty of Languages and Literatures
  • Faculty 15: Faculty of Social Sciences

Other faculties (e.g. Faculty of Physics, Faculty of Law) have started using LSF for course registration.